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How to Teach Children to Play Rugby

Teaching children how to play rugby is not very difficult, however it is good to make it a step by step process. The first thing that they need to understand are the rules. They must know that only passing back is allowed, and that forward passes are illegal. This may seem like a bizarre concept, but they will get used to it in time. They will understand how the tactics work and how running with the ball is more important than looking for a 50 yard pass, such as (more…)

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Playing Rugby Brings the Family Together

Playing rugby is a sport that can really bring your family together. People love playing baseball or American football with their kids, but they sometimes forget how great rugby can be. Baseball is really a sport where only two people are enjoying the main action at one time, the pitcher and the batter. Everyone else is just watching. Similarly, American football can be a bit difficult if you try to play it properly. You need a quarter (more…)

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