Playing Rugby Is Fast Paced and Fun

Take the physicality of American football, the non-stop action of soccer, and the foot speed of lacrosse; put it all together and you get rugby. Rugby is a fast paced game filled with running, tackling, throwing, and kicking. The action is always in motion, moving from end to end and side to side at all times; if you stand still for an even a second you’re bound to be left behind in a cloud of dust. The running in rugby is constant and the movement of the ball is never ending, which will keep you moving around and having fun until the clock reads all zeros. The aggressive nature of rugby keeps everybody on their toes and having fun while at the same time getting some exercise. There are so many parts to the game of rugby and so many skills necessary that everybody is going to be good at something and be an equal contributor to the team effort. The camaraderie that develops amongst your teammates during the game may be the best part of all. Rugby is a game of constant communication and working together that promotes bonding amongst teammates that can lead to fun on and off the field.

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