Tips on Learning How to Score in Rugby

Scoring in rugby is largely about understanding how a rugby offense works. There are times where you must claw and fight to gain that last scrap of turf so your team can score a try. Other times you are going to increase your chances of scoring by drawing the defense inside and going to ground with the ball in good position before your scrum sends a looping pass out to the edges.
The basic rugby offense is designed to force more than one person to move to tackle a ball carrier. When these players are pulled inside by an offensive move the outside players then have a numbers advantage they can exploit to score. As a player learning to recognize your role by position and by situation will lead to maximizing your scoring chances.
Wing players should take almost every chance to charge for the try zone, kicking or offloading in rare circumstances. As a prop a player should generally look for more straightforward crash plays into gaps, providing the basis for an overlap on the outside, or possibly bursting across if the play comes close enough to the try zone.
Learning how to score in rugby is done as a team, and knowing your role is the best way to help your team get into the try zone.

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