Women Can Learn to Play Rugby Too

Rugby is a sport that has grown pretty substantially in popularity across the globe over the course of the past few years. However, if you have begun watching rugby on television or following it in general, there is a good chance that you may have noticed that it seems like a male-dominated sport. And while this is true to an extent, the fact remains that there are plenty of women rugby players, teams, and leagues out there these days. So if you are a woman who (more…)

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Was Invictus Really True to Life?

Clint Eastwood’s anti-apartheid movie, Invictus, has been out for a while now and you can find it in most stores and movie channels off Homepage. It tells the story of Nelson Mandela’s leadership in South Africa and how he used rugby to unite his country and minimize racial tensions. No one can deny the inspirational nature of the film, but is the story it tells a true one?

During his incarceration, Mandela routinely rooted against South Africa’s rugby team, the Springboks, because the primarily white team symbolized apartheid. When Mandela was elected President, he knew that if he supported the Springboks he could gain the support of the white South Africans and close the racial divide that was created by apartheid.

Invictus is, in large part, historically accurate. President Mandela did support the Springboks rugby team to garner support of white South Africans and to try and unite the country of South Africa. Mandela also sought out the Springbok’s captain, Francois Pienaar, to aid in his efforts to win a World Cup and unite the citizens of South Africa. While Invictus is primarily a true story, there are minor divergences from the truth. One example is the final scene in the movie where Mandela is shown giving Pienaar a copy of the poem Invictus, which sustained Mandela during his imprisonment. In actuality, Mandela gave Pienaar a copy of The Man in the Arena by Theodore Roosevelt.

While there are small historical inaccuracies in the movie Invictus, overall it is an accurate portrayal of the early days of Mandela’s presidency and the importance of the Springboks in helping him unite South Africa.

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Rugby Tips for the Novice Player

Rugby is a very misunderstood sport in many ways. Those who are interested in learning more about it, and even playing it will want to know at least a few tips on how to play the game properly and keep themselves safe. They will first want to make sure that they are physically fit well enough to play the game. It is a highly intense physical game that requires the player to be very fit. Those who are not are bound to get themselves injured.

It is important to warm up before the game, and (more…)

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Tips on Teaching the Beginner Rugby

Teaching someone a new sport is never easy, especially if that is a sport they are not normally surrounded by. Teaching rugby has its own challenges, as many will be quick to draw comparisons to American football. These constant comparisons will only confuse someone who is willing to learn rugby, as they will be tempted to do things the way they are used to. Instead, it is important to go over each rugby rule slowly and step by step.

The first rule you want to go over is the passing rules. (more…)

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How to Teach Children to Play Rugby

Teaching children how to play rugby is not very difficult, however it is good to make it a step by step process. The first thing that they need to understand are the rules. They must know that only passing back is allowed, and that forward passes are illegal. This may seem like a bizarre concept, but they will get used to it in time. They will understand how the tactics work and how running with the ball is more important than looking for a 50 yard pass, such as (more…)

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Playing Rugby Brings the Family Together

Playing rugby is a sport that can really bring your family together. People love playing baseball or American football with their kids, but they sometimes forget how great rugby can be. Baseball is really a sport where only two people are enjoying the main action at one time, the pitcher and the batter. Everyone else is just watching. Similarly, American football can be a bit difficult if you try to play it properly. You need a quarter (more…)

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Playing Rugby Is Fast Paced and Fun

Take the physicality of American football, the non-stop action of soccer, and the foot speed of lacrosse; put it all together and you get rugby. Rugby is a fast paced game filled with running, tackling, throwing, and kicking. The action is always in motion, moving from end to end and side to side at all times; if you stand still for an even a second you’re bound to be left behind in a cloud of dust. The running in rugby is constant and (more…)

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Getting into it? Three players you should know…

Sure you mostly use your TV to watch football but every now and then you catch a rugby match and wonder why it’s not bigger over here in the US. We’ve got a smart guide for the players you need to know if you’re considering diving headfirst into being a bigger rugby fan
Brian O’Driscoll – He’s a center for Ireland, a historically amazing team, and he’s got the moves that really put him ahead. He’s serious about the game and he’s a great team leader which all come together (more…)

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Tips on Learning the Basics of Playing Rugby

If you are considering playing, then you need some tips on learning the basics of playing rugby. There are many literature available online which can enable you master the trick of playing the game. Some of these materials are available for free while others can be accessed at a fee. Although most of these articles are meant for those who are new to the game, there are materials which provide advanced tips on playing rugby. These tips are meant for professional rugby players.
The contents of the materials vary form (more…)

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Playing Rugby is Fun for the Whole Family

Rugby is a sport which is branched off from soccer. William Web Ellis was credited for developing the rules for this game. In a regular rugby match each side has 15 players. The game is continuous, which means stops only incur when an infraction is committed. A team score by touching the ball over the try line. There are many rules to the game and people at any age can play it. It is a growing sport and has recently caught flame in the United States. Sevens is a quicker style of rugby which involves seven people per side with seven (more…)

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